The Fanton Family Cemetery in Gaylordsville, is located about a quarter mile south of the South Kent line. The Cemetery is located approximately 200 feet in and to the right on the present Hebert Drive just off the South Kent Road. The Cemetery is quite small being surrounded by a two rail iron pipe fence supported by concrete posts with a large monument in the center of the area. The monument is identified by the words "A FAMILY MONUMENT" and "FANTON" which are inscribed on adjacent sides. In addition seven family members are noted as being buried there, they are:

Robert Fanton, died Nov. 19, 1861 aged 76.

Clara Fanton, died Dec. 17, 1871 aged 84.

Howard Fanton, died Nov. 17, 1870 aged 60.

Emeline Fanton, died Mar. 19, 1905 aged 87.

Wakeman Fanton, died Feb. 22, 1867 aged 60.

Jane E. his wife, died Jan 3, 1905 aged 88.

Augusta Fanton, died Sept. 14, 1900 aged 53.

Today the cemetery is in poor condition and in need of attention as it is overgrown with brush, weeds and trash. Not much is known by the local residents about the cemetery, in fact most do not even know about its existence. It was first brought to my attention in 1974 by John D. Flynn's Book on the History of Gaylordsville, this after residing within a quarter of a mile from the cemetery for a ten year period from 1959-1969 and not realizing it even existed.

Written by Mike Nott, Sr.