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So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

Have you wondered?

If you have ever wondered what we do when we have additional artifacts we have to store, we have turned to The Storage Answer. These units can be stored when not in use to make more room inside garages and store rooms, and even out in the vehicle lot space. Because these containers can be used inside as easily as out, it makes more sense than converting shipping containers! These units are weatherproof, sturdy and secure. They are much more secure than a flimsy plastic shed from a big box store, and will be there for decades to come. We cannot recommend the flat pak containers from The Storage Answer too highly!.

The Society collects, preserves, and displays any and all articles relating to the history of Gaylordsville.
We preserve or assist with the preservation of any objects, buildings, or sites in, near, or important to the Gaylordsville area.
We promote continuing interest in the history of Gaylordsville by encouraging young people to become involved in our projects.

The Details
In the Society…

In the Society…

The Little Red Schoolhouse

located on Gaylord Road in Gaylordsville, Connecticut, is open every Sunday from 2-4PM during July and August.

Brown's Forge

located on Brown's Forge Road, is open on Sundays in July and August from 2-4PM.


Private and educational tours are available. Please call our phone number, use our contact form, or contact us via e-mail for more information or for special tours.

Some Highlights
The History of Gaylordsville

Get the Book!

We offer the classic (and recently updated) The History of Gaylordsville in hardcover for $30 + shipping or in softcover for $20 + shipping.

Our image library

Our image library

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The Gaylordsville Historical Society offers a $500 scholarship in the memory of Allen S. Farnham…